24 Ağustos 2010 Salı

Garden of Natural Stones - Mercan, firuze ve iğne oyaları

Garden of Natural Stones

This unique, handmade necklace made by me by combining different techniques such as bead work and wire work as well as needle lace. I made the flower and the little leaves by needle lace with a very high quality string. I also used turquoise and red coral stones.

None of the parts of this pretty necklace contains glue; instead, I used a special wire knitting technique for the main part of the necklace (the part that contains red carol and turquoise stones) and then I did sew on the rest.

The length of the necklace is 40 cm (15.6 inches) and the thick part of the necklace is 2.5 cm (almost 1 inch). And since I added a chain part, you can adjust its length according to your preferences or your neck.


Mercan, firuze ve iğne oyaları

Mercan, firuze ve iğne oyalarının aralarında kristal boncuklar serpiştirilerek yapılmış bir çalışma.

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