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Eyes - Gözler

Eyes - Gözler

We have an interesting story over here:

Although the technique that is used to create this necklace is known commonly as "bead crochet (rope)" it has a different name in Turkey. The Turkish name of this technique is "prison weaving" -or if we want to make a mot-a-mot translation it should be "prison work". Why it is called as "prison work" or "prison weaving"? Because it is very common for prisoners to create their own crafts by using this technique. They mainly use a piece of matress spring as crochet needle and various kinds of beads as well as cotton rope to make their crafts.

The pattern of this necklace was taken from the web site called Perlen und Geschichten. The pattern includes 24 beads in each row and one cycle includes 8.000 beads (I did 4 cycles to make this necklace).

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