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Bead Pattern - Sarnic - Beaded Necklace Tutorial


A beaded necklace made by seed beads and Swarovski Crystals.

This necklace is a unique, brand new design of Nazo Design©. A technique called Nazo Weaving II® is used to make this beautiful piece of art. The technique itself is developed by Nazo.

This listing is for the instructions of this necklace, not for the necklace itself. If you would like to purchase the necklace, please contact me either by sending message or e-mail to crochetbead [!at] gmail.com

Skill Levels:
* Intermediate
* Advanced

PDF File Includes:
* Explanation of every single step of the technique with not drawings but colorful photos
* Explanation of every single step of making joints, flower, and clasp part
* Suggestions for materials
* Suggestions for bead colors
* Some very useful and important tips to make your necklace perfect

Notes on the Item:

* I offer the pattern, not the necklace.

* PDF file will include many photos and detailed explanations of each step.

* The pattern is available in English and Turkish languages and will be only send as a PDF file.

* Although all instructions and photos are copyrighted, and designed only for your personal use; please feel free to sell any product that you will produce by using these patterns.

* I would be more than happy to see your finished products' photos.

* Additional customer services are happily provided after your purchase with no additional cost.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions and/or concerns. Your happiness is my priority.

Pattern is created by Nazo Design©.
Photos are taken by Ugur Arpaci.

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