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Bead Pattern - Rainball - Beaded Bracelet Tutorial


A beaded bracelet made by beaded balls in different colors.

Most beaders call this type of projects and/or creations as "beaded beads" which, I strongly argue, is NOT the case for Rainball Project. Because;
* It includes NO wooden or any other kind of bead in it to form its round shape
* It includes NO other material than beads such as cotton, other soft materials, etc in it
* A unique technique developed by Nazo Design® used to create the beaded balls, which makes the creation rigid if you can make it right, hard to be squeezed and deformed.
* Here is the link for a (READY TO SHIP) pair of earrings made by using this technique: http://www.etsy.com/listing/93977196/vintage-style-beaded-earrings-pendulum

* A unique technique specially designed for this creation

Skill Level:
* Beginner
* Intermediate
* Advanced

* 3 or 4 mm Swarowski crystals or bicone crystals or beads
* Size 11/0 seed beads
* 0.20 mm fishing line
* beading needle

PDF File will include:
* 116 colorful photos of every single step
* Suggestions for materials
* Suggestions for bead colors
* Some very useful and important tips to make your bracelet perfect

* If you would like to see the 3.7cm (1.45inches) version, please feel free to visit Realm of the Hills:
* If you would like to see the 2.5cm (1inch) version of this creation, please feel free to visit Incense Pendulum:

Notes on the Item:
* I offer the pattern, not the bracelet.
* PDF file explains every single step for you with 116 photos and detailed explanations of each step along with the photos.
* The pattern is available in English and Turkish languages and will be only send as a PDF file.
* Although all instructions and photos are copyrighted, and designed only for your personal use; please feel free to sell any product that you will produce by using these patterns.
* I would be more than happy to see your creations' photos.
* Additional customer services are happily provided after your purchase with no additional cost.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions and/or concerns. Your happiness is my priority.

Pattern is tested by Nazo Design®.
Photos are taken by Ugur Arpaci.

Beyoğlu taşlı kolye ucu - Nazo takı tasarım eğitimleri
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