23 Kasım 2013 Cumartesi

Miyuki Flower - Christmas - Gift - Necklace-Flower - Christmas

Made with Miyuki beads 15/0
Delica Bead

Flower height: 7 cm (4.33 ınches)
Flower width: 11 cm (2.75 ınches)
I worked no smooking area
If you have a question you want to learn about products before you buy, please send contact me
thank you.

And it is carefully shipped in a beautiful box with bubble wrapped envelope and well protected.
When you get it I’ll be pleased if you make positive feedback. It is ready to ship.

I ship within the next day of order, after payment is received. I send all orders by Turkish Postal Service (PTT), Airmail, Registered.

I ship from Turkey and it takes 1 week for Europe and 2 weeks or a few days more for USA.

Please be sure that the delivery address in your order is the same as your PAYPAL address.

dikmennazli (at) gmail com

Nazo örgü ile asimetrik taş örme. Bölüm 7/7
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