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PATTERN Beaded bracelet - Beaded Crochet Bracelet - Bracelet - Purple Violet Bracelet, Hapishane İşi


A crocheted bead bracelet made of seed beads size 11/0.
Skill Level:
* Intermediate
* Advanced

PDF File Includes:
* Suggestions for materials
* Suggestions for bead colors
* Sequence for the bracelet

Notes on the Item:
* I offer the pattern, not the bracelet.
* If you are a beginner in doing bead crochet bracelets and ropes, this pattern and instructions are just perfect for you. However, it requires very basic knowledge of crochet making such as how to make stitches.
* I offer the tutorial, NOT the bracelet. If you would like to buy the bracelet, please click on the following link: http://www.etsy.com/listing/165450139/beaded-bracelet-beaded-crochet-bracelet?ref=shop_home_active

* Although all instructions and photos are copyrighted, and designed only for your personal use; please feel free to sell any product that you will produce by using these patterns.
* Additional customer services are happily provided after your purchase with no charge.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions and/or concerns. Your happiness is my priority.

dikmennazili (at) gmail com

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