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Firkete İşi Ametist Kolye - Otantik Kolye

Firkete işi tekniği ile ;ametist ve iğne oyaları kullanarak tasarladığım kolye çalışması.Kolyenin boyu istenildiği şekilde ayarlanabilir.

İletişim için;figentny(at)gmail.com


This necklace is weaved by hairpin knitting technique.

This is a special design necklace with amethyst stones,flowers which is weaved by Turkish needlework technique.You can change the length of the necklace how you want.

I send all orders by Turkish Postal Service with tracking numbers included.

You’ll get it within 10-18 day after purchasing .

I ship from Turkey and it takes 1 week for Europe and 2 weeks or a few days more for USA,

When you get it I’ll be pleased if you make positive feedback. Thank you for visiting my shop.


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